Barcelona has elevated itself to become a great city for entrepreneurship

Barcelona is a magical city, shining with its own light. It brings together history, culture, gastronomy, a cosmopolitan character and a quality of life that make it one of the greatest centres of innovation in Europe, which looks to the future with a determination and desire for entrepreneurship.

It is home to the most prestigious business schools such as IESE and ESADE, enabling them to position themselves among the top ten centres in the world for executive and director training through the programs on offer, according to the ranking published by the British newspaper the Financial Times.

And it has set itself up as the headquarters  for major events such as the Mobile World Congress, the most important mobile phone innovation fair on the planet, as well as for Barcelona Activa located in 22@Barcelona –the innovation district– accompanying the entrepreneur throughout the process by providing expert advice, training classrooms and contents to set up a business. The city is growing and has been refreshed with the new app creation scene, the world of applications for smart phones that is in full swing. In this millionaire programming industry, Barcelona is very well positioned thanks to the talent and considerable number of companies within this sector that it provides, along with the jobs created.

International entrepreneurs choose to move to the city, valuing its excellent connections, access to communications and the internationalisation of the capital that has become one of the favourite places for these professionals. Institutions are working to attract and encourage this new source of personal talent in the form of entrepreneurial projects, more so than in the form of multinational companies.

The entrepreneurial and business spirit of the city positions the Barcelona brand at one of the epicentres of global growth, development, and innovation.

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