Benefits of coworking VS working at home

When an entrepreneur or a freelance takes the decision of working on its own, the main question that pops up in their minds is: “from where should I work then?” Renting a private office is often the first option to be rejected. Hence, renting a space inside a coworking could be the perfect alternative to working at home.

Below, we will analyse some of the key points a person should consider whenever having to take this type of decision.



Without any doubt, flexibility is one of the strongest advantages of working from home. If we are in our house, we can easily organize our working schedule along with our regular activities and hobbies. In this way, we will be able to manage our time better and gain in terms of quality of life. However, this can also become ones’ enemy in the case they can´t disconnect from the work and simply enjoy their family lives.

Less expenses              

At home, we save money and time. First in transportation, since we will not have the necessity of moving back and forth with any means of transportation, helping the environment. Also, the fact that we will not need to spend extra money from eating at restaurants whenever there´s no time to go back home for lunch.


This is mainly a disadvantage since at home we will always have temptations, such as the T.V, our comfy sofa, our calling fridge and even some chores we should have done at any other time.


More motivation

Whenever we work in the same space as other entrepreneurs who are motivated by their own businesses, the working capacity and energy becomes contagious. In fact, it is proven that working in entrepreneurial community increases productivity and reduces stress.

Meeting new people with the same doubts

Networking spaces boost communicating between people. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs with the same problems, questions and objectives helps to create bonding laces with them, which at the end makes it easier to find solutions, answer questions and reach those common objectives.


We can stablish links and find synergies with the ones who could bring and added value to our businesses, and having the possibility to relate with potential customers.

Professional space

A coworking office is a professional space that gives quality and good image to your product or service. It is not the same having a meeting with a client at your house, or at a coffee shop than welcoming them in a proper conference room with all the necessary equipment to get an effective response from the person you are trying to do business with.

Accessible prices

The coworking centres always offer accessible prices that can fit perfectly with an entrepreneur’s budget. Expenses such as electricity, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, are already included in the monthly rent of the space.

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