The most interesting apps for professionals

Nowadays we are pretty lucky since we can save in our phones all the information we need to manage our business. The great capacity they have, its high-resolution camera and its perfect size makes it easier for entrepreneurs to control everything through them in a comfortable and fast way.

Technology is an essential factor in the world of freelancers and small businesses. Hence, it is very important for these people to be updated with the apps that can make their work as efficient as possible and that can improve their productivity.

This is the reason why we will suggest you a selection of the best apps for your smartphone that you should download to take advantage of your device´s potential:

– Cloud storing

If we want to save space of our phone´s memory and keep our information safe and being able to share it easily, we need a cloud storage service. In which we can enter whenever we need it and wherever we are, being our devices synchronized. The most popular one is Dropbox  although other options are available such as Google Drive

– Document scanner

Scanners and photocopiers are already obsolete. The smartphones´ latest generation cameras let us photograph a document with a very high resolution. Apps such as Camscanner or Genius Scan  transform these images in PDF documents improving the function of the old scanner.

– Task Manager

With these kind of apps, we will never forget to accomplish any of our daily tasks. Meetings, projects, notifications, team works, reminders, etc… Todoist is one of them in which we can plan and store our lives minute by minute. So there is absolutely no chance that we will forget to do something.

– Busniness cards

Being a freelancer includes receiving a huge amount of business cards daily from potential external partners, service companies, suppliers, etc. Moreover, in every networking event an average of 20 to 30 business cards are collected without knowing where to store them.

Thanks to apps such as  CamCard we can easily take a picture and the information of the card will be automatically saved in our smartphones.

– Managing social networks

This article wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the importance of social networks in a professional´s life. The known ones: Linkedin, twitter, facebook, Instagram. And the not so known one:   Hootsuite  allow us to manage all our social networks together making it easier when wanting to post the same message in different socials, programming a new post or understanding the impact of them in general.

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