Private coworking office vs. Traditional office

Are you aware of the possibility of having a private office within a coworking environment?

Coworking is a place characterized by the creation of synergies and co-operation with other people all in one space. At City Work Bcn, we want to go one step further and offer the possibility of having a private office within the co-working space with capacity for 2 or 4 people, providing absolute privacy when it comes to teamwork. There are different dimensions according to your needs! It’s your choice!

There are multiple advantages to renting a private office in a co-working environment as opposed to a traditional office. Costs are considerably reduced given that no initial investment is required. We have fully-equipped facilities with new furniture, printer and scanner, cleaning service, lockers, telephone, Wi-Fi, fibre-optic, security, virtual office, kitchen/office, etc… You pay a monthly fee and everything is included. Furthermore, there is no minimum term, providing maximum flexibility for small and medium-sized enterprises. Most conventional offices have a minimum term of 12 months, and you have to spend time and money on furniture, negotiating with utility companies, procuring cleaning, supplies, maintenance, an alarm, etc…

(meeting room)

(relax area)

Meanwhile, you can enjoy your private space while having access to meeting rooms, common areas, and the opportunity to work somewhere with other businesses and professionals who can give you new ideas and tools to make your business grow. All in a pleasant atmosphere and an unbeatable location. What more could you ask for?

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