Mobile World Congress 2017

From today, February 27th, through to March 2nd, Mobile World Congress, the most important gathering for mobile technology, is being held in Barcelona once again. This Fair showcases the main innovations, advances, and technology associated with the world of mobile phones, where the best professionals, specialists, and businesses in the sector all meet.

Over 100,000 visitors, who apart from meeting at the Gran Via exhibition hall, will also meet at Montjuïc, where the fourth edition of 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the congress dedicated to entrepreneurs, is being held, as well as the Youth Mobile Festival, an essential attraction for young people.

As from today and up until Thursday, there will be a broad range of pioneering conferences led by industry personalities and by the most innovative companies. Major brands, service suppliers, contents distributors, and specialist media all meet to discover the latest trends in a market that never stops evolving. The creators of mobile applications meet at App Planet, the meeting point for followers to interact with specialists and developers.

The congress also offers a space to boost commercial relations between all who attend, giving rise to an essential platform for professionals and those who love new technologies.

Barcelona is at the centre of everyone’s gaze once again, and has become the technology capital of the world, where this event is considered to be the best place to seek out opportunities through networking.


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